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What is a BESPOKE kitchen?

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The word “bespoke” is a commonly used description in the Kitchen Industry, 
but what does it actually mean?

Cambridge Dictionary definition……….”specially made for a particular person”.. e.g a bespoke suit, or bespoke furniture.

At Luxmoore & Co we see 3 distinct categories of Bespoke Kitchens, which cover the full range of budgets.
1) The Factory Bespoke
2) The Modular Fitted Bespoke
3) The Truly Bespoke

The Factory Bespoke is an off-the-peg product, typically imported, and made in a range of set sizes such as 800/600/400 etc. from melamine faced chipboard. The units will all come individually wrapped and very little designing is required to put them side by side in the required space. Any gaps left are closed with a filler panel. Drawers are generally of plastic and metal. You have little or no choice in the materials used, and this type of kitchen will generally be made completely by machine.

Buying a factory bespoke kitchen could be compared to walking into a high street shop and getting a new outfit from off the peg clothes.

The Modular Fitted Bespoke Kitchen is typically of a higher value and constructed from better materials such as a ply carcass and hardwood doors and frames. These pre-made cupboards are often of odd sizes (752mm/660mm) to differentiate from the factory kitchen units, but essentially it’s the same process: various unit sizes are selected to fit a room. In this case a gap may be filled with a made-to-measure unit. Choice in the materials used in manufacture remains limited, but drawers are often in European or American oak.

The obvious sign of a modular fitted kitchen is the ‘double leg’ where 2 units butt up against each other (see image 1.) Numerous repeating doors and drawer front sizes are also indicating mass manufacturing.
This type of kitchen is typically made with computer-aided machines cutting components and semi-skilled assemblers putting it together. 

This could be compared to shopping in a high street store but with an option to have the off -the-peg clothes sent to the tailors for alterations to make them fit better.

Luxmoore & Co’s Truly Bespoke kitchens have no pre-made units and are designed to fit in the space, millimetre-perfect. This means the look is of one connected piece of furniture, rather than an assemblage of components (see image 2). You will be able to select the materials used, such as our locally sourced English hardwoods oak, ash, chestnut, elm, and there is a much wider scope for the arrangement of cabinets and appliances. Furniture will be mostly handmade by expert craftsman and women, designed and built to last a lifetime.

This style of bespoke will create unique one-off designs that are truly individual to you. It can be likened to visiting a tailor, being measured first for fit, selecting the colour and material, then having the outfit made for you. Contact us to find out how our made-to-measure furniture can benefit your home.


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Image 1 - Double legs

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Image 2 - Truly bespoke

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