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Designing and making a truly unique and bespoke Kitchen Table by Luxmoore & Co: it all starts with your ideas!

With more than 25 years of table-making experience, we help you develop that idea into a drawn image, created by our expert CAD team. You can then choose your table-top slab from our range of English Timber. Select it yourself from our stock of Oak, Ash, Elm and Sweet Chestnut Boards. We know the provenance of each tree, exactly where it comes from and why it was felled, all from within a few miles of our workshop.

We have traditional quarter-sawn Oak that shows off its medullary ray, through to Rustic Elm with beautiful burry patterns, knots and shakes, fixed with butterfly keys. Choose your finish: for a classic Victorian formal dining look you may like a French Polish with high shine, or for a Farmhouse kitchen table, a soaped and scrubbed look, as if its already been in use for decades.

Having created many unique designs over the years, we have a portfolio of table bases for you to draw inspiration from. Timber frame designs include cross legs, and our unique cruck frame base. We also work with metals in all sorts of finishes, such as hammered wrought iron and antique bronze.

Luxmoore & Co have made a bespoke banquet table to seat up to 20 people, a huge meeting table for the Royal Society of Musicians and many other wonderful creations. Each Luxmoore & Co table is built with traditional cabinet making skills and is made to last a lifetime. 

Prices range from £3,500 to £22,000, so if you have a truly unique table project in mind, please call us to discuss it further.

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To discuss your project call 01728 685890 or email us here

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