We are excited to share photos of our last timber milling session of the year.  We love milling sessions as it gives us an idea of the type of beautiful English timber that will form bespoke furniture & kitchens for our clients next year. Much thought & planning goes into this exercise; deciding on what thickness the planks should be, and how to slice them, for example crown cut or quarter sawn – we look for the patterns that naturally occur in the timber and each method of cutting gives different results.


photo of trees being milled

In this session, our last for this year, we are milling elm and oak from Pearls Wood in Friston, Suffolk and some ash from our clients own trees from Hasketon in Suffolk.

When you open a tree trunk, it’s a bit like opening a book, you’re never sure what you are going to find.  When we discovered beautiful character in the  massive oak, we were very excited as it would be perfect for making a gigantic 15 ft (4.5m) banquet table or boardroom table.  We are lucky to be able to offer timber in these sizes as this is rarely available.

Our clients next year are going to be in for a treat!

The elm from Pearls Wood has been milled into a variety of plank sizes so they will be suitabe for a many uses; some at 54mm to make beautiful characterful tables and worktops, some with gorgeous natural waney edges which is always popular.  Other planks are cut at 42mm for cupboard frame components and shelving and some are cut at 19mm, the planks of which will be added to our stock for drawer boxes along with planks of English chestnut, ash and oak.

The ash that has been sourced from our clients grounds is being milled to make an amazing 2.4m x 0.9m breakfast / supper table to seat 6-8 people.  The remaining timber is being cut into boards suitabe for their bespoke kitchen components.  Preparing the timber for this is a lengthy process and by the time their timber has seasoned, been kilned and then transformed into beautiful bespoke furniture, the entire process would have taken over 2 years – just in time to go into our clients new build house!

Luxmoore & Co really do take the time to make you furniture that will last a lifetime and furniture that you will be proud to own.

English Elm Planks with Waney Edge

Luxmoore & Co are makers of bespoke kitchens & handmade furniture, using locally sourced hardwoods that are hand picked to ensure suitability for each individual project.  To find out more, or arrange an initial appointment to discuss your requirements, please contact us on 01728 685890 or email showroom@luxmooreandco.co.uk